L’Ogliastra,terra di incantevole bellezza, è situata lungo il versante orientale della Sardegna.
Il territorio, compreso tra le cime del Gennargentu e il Mar Tirreno, è considerato tra i più suggestivi dell’isola.
Definita l’anfiteatro sul mare, l’Ogliastra comprende diversi monumenti naturali, spiagge incontaminate,
riconosciute tra le più belle al mondo, itinerari per il trekking, mountain bike e il climbing.

Holidays in Ogliastra - The Hidden Treasures of Eastern Sardinia

Embedded between the Tyrrhenian sea and the mountains of Gennargentu in the heart of eastern Sardinia, the area of Ogliastra boasts a wild and savage landscape, that prides its inhabitants and makes curious its visitors, who are increasingly choosing to spend their holidays in Ogliastra.

 Ogliastra became province in 2005, playing two records simultaneously among the Italian provinces
the less populous and the most long-lived, with the highest number of centenarians in the nation.

A region waiting to be discovered
Full of historical evidences like nuraghidomus de Janassacred sourcestombs of the giants and menhirs,
 Ogliastra offers unique sceneries of limpid waters and rugged mountains, expecting from the tourist a new attention, with particular interest in details, and able to recognise and respect the intimacy and the reserve of this region.

The beautiful beaches of the east coast of Sardinia are bathed by the beautiful blue sea; they can be sandy like that of the Lido of Orrìpebbled as the unique Coccorocci, or composed of small pebbles as Torre di Barì or the beautiful Cala Goloritzé, absolutely not to be missed if you choose to visit Ogliastra. A holiday in this fascinating region is also an exciting journey to discover the many natural attractions offered by Eastern Sardinia: just to name a few, the enchanting caves of the Fig(Grotte del Fico) and caves of Su Marmuri, or the spectacular gorge of Su Gorroppu.

For those who choose Ogliastra as holiday destination, those who wish to discover the roots of this land, it is worth visiting the many testimonies of the Nuragic time: a very interesting complex is that of Serbissi in the territory of Osini.
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